Children's Summer Photography Competition

 Salthill Village.  Photo Credit:  Tourism Ireland

Salthill Village.  Photo Credit: Tourism Ireland

To celebrate the beginning of the summer holidays we are hosting a photography competition for children around the themes of Ocean-Life and West-Coast Living.

This is a family activity, aimed to encourage children to explore nature and their environment through their creativity.  

There will be four categories: 

Age Group: 15 - 18*** Theme: A TASTE OF NATURE: This theme is a image of any meal of choice, styled al fresco (outdoors).  Whether it's seaweed, fish, oysters or sea vegetables, this is a great opportunity to learn about both the nutritional value and amazing tastes that our Atlantic ocean provides.  Get creative, get outside and enjoy experimenting with your seafood menu (we will be chatting to some well known chefs during the competition to help you with your ideas *** keep an eye on facebook).   

Age Group 10 - 15*** Theme: BACK TO BASICS. This theme is all about re-cycling & renewable energy.  Whether its a plastic beach clean up, or project based around wind or marine energy sources, we would love to see how you can tell a story about sustainability with your photos.  Lots of ideas coming soon on facebook. 

Age Group: 6 - 10*** Theme: WILD ATLANTIC WEST COAST LIVING.  This theme celebrates living on the West coast of Ireland, with an emphasis upon how Galway City has been shaped by fishing & marine life.  Interview coming soon with Galway City Tours - lots of crafty ideas for your project. 

Miscellaneous Any Age: Theme: WEATHER  Lets discover stories about the weather.  Sky-scapes, sunsets, lighthouse, waves, wind.  Any image that tells a visual story about our wonderful Wild Atlantic weather.  This theme is inspired by well-known visual artist Selma Makela.  Check out her work on climate change.  Lots of related themes coming soon!!! 

We have some amazing prizes for the four themes, and an overall prize winner:

The winners will judged by a panel of four people, made up of artists and photographers (special guest to be announced). 

Dates: Entries need to be entered by August 5th.  Winners announced 18th August. 

How to enter:

1/ First you need to register your family (or responsible adult) (adults over 18 only can register) via this link & state theme, age group and child's name that you are nominating (only one entry per child): 

2/ Work on your project and send in entries (or enquiries), theme title and any accompanying stories (narrative) by closing date to Anna at

3/ Follow us on facebook for ideas, conversations and updates. 

Good luck everyone!!

Join in the conversation below in comments if you are looking forward to a fun filled creative summer.