Frequently Asked Questions

Can we do a tour on a Galway Hooker?

Our tours give you access to the history of the Hookers and you will often see them out sailing when you are on tour. Sometimes if the factors line up we can time tours with the Hookers out sailing. We also can take you to visit a restoration of a Hooker. Unfortunately, we cannot provide tours on the Hookers.


Do you offer private tours?
Yes we can arrange a private tour for you. We offer great prices and will try our best to meet your needs and requirements. You can contact us directly via email or WhatsApp for more information on this.


Do we have to wear life jackets?
On our smaller open vessel all passengers must wear a life jacket. On our larger vessel, which has a covered cabin, any passengers under 16yrs must wear a life jacket. It is optional for over 16’s. Rest assured we have life jackets onboard for all our passengers.


What if I have to cancel?
We completely understand that plans change and sometimes the idea of a boat trip in the rain just does not appeal to everyone. We have a very fair cancellation policy which you can read on our booking platform. If you have any concerns don’t hesitate to call us. We are quite the friendly bunch and will help out as much as we can. Please also bear in mind that a cancellation may also come from our end. This can be because of weather, crew availability or an issue with our boats. We will always notify you as soon as possible and always try to accommodate you as best as possible.


What if it is raining?
In the case of rain we will use our larger vessel which has an enclosed area. If this is not possible and either party decides that the rain is just too much we will cancel the trip and offer you a full refund.