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For whatever we lose (like a you or a me), it’s always our self we find in the sea.
— E.E. Cummings

Galway Bay Boat Tours is a family run business specialising in tailored boat tours on Galway Bay for individuals, families and small to medium-sized groups. 

Bespoke Excursions: Maritime Adventures, Heritage, Culture & Food Tours, Picnics & Our Iconic Traditional Sail Boat & Claddagh Experience Tour. 

#Meitheal2019 Galway Bay Tours

#Meitheal2019 Galway Bay Tours

Our passion for the seas around the West coast of Ireland stems from generations of fishing and seafaring within our family backgrounds.  To say the sea is in our blood is probably the best way to describe our love of the Atlantic Ocean that rolls into Galway Bay.

Having been involved in fishing and sailing for generations, our family still fish commercially for lobsters, crabs, and other shellfish in the bay, so for those of you who are up for a bit of adventure, check out our popular fishing tours.  
— Skipper Ciaran Oliver.
Galway Bay Boat Tours

Our family history dates back over one hundred years to an ancient fishing village known as the The Claddagh.  Situated opposite the famous Spanish Arch and nestled on Galway Bay’s stunning shoreline, this iconic 6th Century heritage site is the home of the world famous Claddagh Ring.

Along with my brothers and extended family, we operate a small fleet of passenger motor/powerboats that meet all of Ireland’s exacting safety standards and are licensed by Department of Transport.  All safety equipment is provided.  

Whether you are tracing the historical landscapes of your ancestry, a traveller searching for inspiration, or a visitor hoping to discover some of our West Coast Magic, this is an experience not to be missed!

Check out also our community page for lots of fun education & training opportunities, as well as local business partnerships, & packages for birthdays, weddings, photoshoots & special occasions.  

We have all your needs covered!

Galway Bay Boat Tours:  A Traditional Handcrafted Galway Hooker Boat.

Galway Bay Boat Tours: A Traditional Handcrafted Galway Hooker Boat.


Explore one of Europe's most popular destinations, from the sea!

 European Capital of Culture, 2020: Galway City.

Join local skipper Ciaran Oliver & his family, for a memorable trip on Galway Bay. 

With a professionally qualified crew you will experience the best of Galway City's stunning ocean landscapes, as well as an awe-inspiring recollection of over 100 years of Galway's maritime history.  

Best attraction in galway city

Experience Galway from a different perspective!


From the calm waters of the bay you will see the rolling Clare hills and lunar landscape of the Burren, as well as take in some of the world famous scenes of Galway culture that have inspired poets, artists & musicians for generations.  Breath in the history of our coastal community & re-live some of the ancient sailing traditions that shaped Galway into the thriving city that we know today. 

Limited spots, so booking is recommended to ensure a place. 

Salthill Village. Photo Credit:  Tourism Ireland

Salthill Village. Photo Credit: Tourism Ireland

We offer a rare opportunity to choose from either a modern gentle cruise, a thrilling power boat excursion, or a once in a lifetime boating experience as you step onto the world famous Galway Bay traditional handcrafted sailboat (Galway Hooker) for our unique maritime history tour. 

1 hr Harbour Trip

Maritime Walking & Boat Tours

Catch, Cook & Eat: Lobster Safari

Claddagh Tour & Seafood Cultural Experience

Afternoon & Evening Coastal Village Excursions.

How does your tour work?  It is possible for you to book a 1 - 2 hour boat trip.  The first hour of every trip is our incredibly popular standard Galway Harbour cruise of the Bay, where you will take in the spectacular views of our beautiful City from the vantage point of the Bay, as well as enjoy Galway's fascinating local maritime history.  It is also possible to incorporate an additional hour (making your trip approx 2 hrs long) with our Galway Hooker Tour (including a visit to the City Museum) or the Claddagh Experience Boat & Walking Tours.

In addition, weather & calendar permitting, we offer either an exhilarating fishing tour, or a range of romantic evening / themed coastal village excursions in collaboration with some of Galway's best service providers, restaurants & guides. 

If Galway's weather turns inclement, we can also provide you with a Maritime Walking Tour alternative!  

Recount the fascinating history, folklore & Culture of one of the oldest fishing villages in Ireland.   

The sea! The sea! The open sea!, The blue, the fresh, the ever free!
— Bryan W. Procter

Some of the trips we offer:

Boat tours, RIB Tours, History, Wildlife & Food Tours, Galway’s Traditional Boat Building Tour (Claddagh Experience), Water Taxi, Restaurant Trips, Fishing Excursions, Family Lobster Pot Safari, Island Eddy Trips, Boat Charter.

It is now possible to 'walk in the footsteps' of the original Claddagh families and experience life as it was 100 years ago in Galway with our Heritage & Maritime Tours.  During these cultural voyages you will hear the history & folklore of the Claddagh from medieval times to present, delve into stories of emigration during times of famine & hardship, & discover what life was like in a traditional Wild Atlantic fishing village (also famous for the tradition of Hooker boat-building) all those many years ago. 

You may even catch sight of seals, basking sharks, sunfish and perhaps a dolphin! Photo Credit:  Padraig Whooley

You may even catch sight of seals, basking sharks, sunfish and perhaps a dolphin! Photo Credit: Padraig Whooley

A Truly Authentic Experience!

Family Tour in Galway

We endeavour to make your trip a memorable experience through our bespoke & varied offerings.

Excellent Day on Galway Bay
I took my niece and her friend out with Galway Boat Tours for something different to do. I would definitely recommend this trip for family fun days out. The girls loved every minute of it. The guide on the boat was excellent and informed us of the local history of the area, the Claddagh. We saw a dolphin while we were out and many seals. The dolphin was a real treat!!! I have also brought my step-daughter out who is 7 and she loves it. Two trips done and hopefully more to come. It is a fab trip on the bay, prices are very reasonable....highly recommended.
— Trip Advisor: Cher, August, 2016.
Join us in the Claddagh for a boat tour of the famous Galway Bay, with https://www.galwaybaytours.com/


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Our History

Discover Galway's unique cultural & social history from a different perspective.

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We run a series of awesome educational tours for groups, individual's & schools.

We run a series of awesome educational tours for groups, individual's & schools.

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